2018 - Present

In partnership with the American University of Beirut (AUB) and D4C (Design for Communities NGO), an impact-driven design hub was created at UNESCO Middle School for Girls in Bar Elias. A shading structure made of steel pipes and tensile materials was built at the center of the playground, providing sheltered space for young girls to play, depending on their needs. Multifunctional seating made of local recyclable materials was designed and built to give students the opportunity to enjoy different levels of activity in relative comfort.

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July 2019 - Present

The Boston Society of Architects Committee on Refugees, Resilience and Public Space proposed to partner on a small project for a playground in one of the primary schools. The driver in Boston, Massachusetts, is to raise awareness of the growing refugee needs globally and to explore the role of design and potential contributions in kind by the design community in this domain. Funding assured by Friends of Kayany, Hariri Contractors bid the project in early July 2019 and began construction of the playground in mid-July. The colorful designs on the panels are meant to be uplifting for the children and are representations of fish, frogs, and hot air balloons.

August 2015 - Present

In response to the Syrian Crisis, the architects of CatalyticAction have designed and built a playground in one of the schools, involving children throughout the entire process and allowing the structure to be easily disassembled, transported, and either reassembled or repurposed. The playground has been constructed with a participatory and democratic approach; prioritizing children within the process. CatalyticAction hosted a Design-Build Workshop facilitated by AUB-CCECS, allowing local and international volunteers to get involved in this project.

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