About us

Kayany Foundation is a Lebanese non-governmental organization founded in 2013 in response to the Syrian crisis. Kayany operates educational programs for Syrian refugee children and youth residing in the informal tented settlements (ITSs). In partnership with the Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service at AUB, the foundation established GHATA portable schools in the Beqaa valley.  With this effective and sustainable school design, Kayany took a leading role in bringing Education to “OUT OF SCHOOL” refugees. Its projects and programs have been expanding ever since.



Our mission is to provide free secular quality education to the most vulnerable Syrian Refugee Children in Lebanon.


Our vision is to save a generation through education.

Lennon Ono Grant for Peace

Kayany Foundation received the 2016 Lennon Ono Grant For Peace, announced by Yoko Ono on John Lennon’s birthday October 9th. This international peace prize was established by Yoko Ono in the memory of her late husband. The grant was referred to Kayany foundation by iconic international artist Ai Wei Wei, emphasizing the importance of providing educational systems to Syrian refugee youth in spite of the crises created by the Syrian civil war. Ai Wei Wei visited 6 Kayany schools in central Bekaa Lebanon while filming a documentary about refugees in the summer of 2016. The foundation is honored to have been chosen for such a distinguishable award; this achievement reflects Kayany Foundation’s dedication and efforts in combating illiteracy and providing education to a disenfranchised generation of Syrian refugees.

CMA-CGM Corporate Foundation Award

The CMA CGM Corporate Foundation presented its 2016 Award on the 22nd of December to Kayany Foundation in appreciation of its humanitarian efforts and educational support for the Syrian refugee children in presence of the Lebanese Minister of Education and Higher Education, Mr. Marwan Hamadé, and the president of the foundation, Mrs. Naila Saade.

Recognition & Praise from Princeton University

Princeton University’s Freshmen seminar FRS1S1 was very impressed with Kayany Foundation’s efforts in Bekaa, Lebanon. During a 12 week analysis, FRS1S1 developed criteria for choosing NGO’s to donate to, including factors such as the urgency, sustainability, effectiveness and impact of donations among others. FRS1S1 determined that Kayany matches their criteria and aligns with their mission of improving quality-of-life and providing opportunities for marginalized youth and women. As such $5,000, was pledged (provided by the Palette Fund on behalf of Terrance Meck) to our psychological support programs. FRS1S1 commended our foundation for “incredible work in providing education and psychotherapy support” to children in the area, and the funds were allocated in January 2016. Kayany Foundation is most grateful for the acknowledgement of its educational and psychosocial efforts. Our thanks to Mr. Terrance Meck, Dr. Stanley Katz, Evan Lee, Andie Ayala and FRS1S1.

MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship

Our partners at the American University of Beirut, CCECS, won first place in the 2016 MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship in recognition of championed interventions engaging refugees and their Lebanese host communities, which primarily includes the Ghata project that is being implemented by Kayany Foundation.


Our Impact


Kayany Foundation is a registered Lebanese NGO (# 1806) committed to delivering education and providing safe spaces to Syrian refugee children. Our projects target some of the most vulnerable children in the Bekaa Valley in an effort to save a whole generation at risk.


Beirut Office:
Rasamny Building, 4th Floor
Hamra Street –Beirut, Lebanon
00 961 1 341108